The American Generals Clan

Will always remember you!

July 17, 2018


  Jeff, ||GEN||Pershing, TAMS Mr.Topeka, Shralper


You will be missed by more then you know.

 “The flame that burns twice as bright, burns half as long” – Lao Tzu 


||GEN|| Pershing's real name was Jeff and I knew him for 6 years before we started the American Generals Clan back in 2006. He started off with Quake III Arena and then moved on to COD2 and Counter Strike. Back then he played as Shralper. He then joined TAMS and became Mr.Topeka and made a lot of new friend through the clan. After some time TAMS started to have issues as clans do, He and I along with ||GEN||Eisenhower and ||GEN||Washington started to talk about starting our own Clan, I mean how hard could it be.

After coming up with a theme for the clan, Jeff handed me his credit card and told me lets get the URL and a site started and then some servers. With out Jeff I don't think the American Generals Clan would have ever lasted more then a 1st Month. We got the servers up and installed with COD and a team speak server. We then started to let everyone know we where here. However Jeff wanted more from the clan then we had at TAMS. Jeff helped us get a 2nd server for TWL practice and matches, he loved healthy competition.

 I have known Jeff for 18 years and would see him everyday as he was my boss. He was an amazing person with a very colorful life. He rose through the ranks to become the president of our company. he was able to balanced his work, fun and family life unlike when we where gaming. back then our wives where what you would call gaming widows.

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I will close with this "Baby food" ~  ||GEN|| Pershing


||GEN|| MacArthur

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